Car Donation - You Must Have The Title With You

If you have decided to donate your vehicle, that is good news for your community and the environment. You should, however, make sure that you still possess a title of the car before talking to any charity.

No charity will want to take risk if you do not have a clear title of the car. A clear title will prove that all financial requirements are met, all obligations of the Motor Vehicle Administration are completed and you truly are the cars owner.

Without a title and a lien release document, the car is practically worthless to the charity as they will not be able to sell it to any third party.

Most organizations in the United States accept all types of automobiles including motor cycles, trailers, cars, boats, trucks, and recreational vehicles. Experts say, the lack of adequate documentation is the number one reason for the charities to refuse car donation offers. The charities and the non-governmental organizations will simply not send the tow truck to pick up the car unless you forward them the title.

Most charitable and non-governmental organizations agree to take vehicle donations so that they can fund the programs and services they offer to the society. If they can not sell the car, why should they bother to take it in the first place? Therefore, all of us should keep the title and other related documents of the car in a safe place, no matter how awful and old, the car actually is. We will surely need it in future.

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